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My name is Alexandra. I am a mom to two beautiful, crazy, and fun kids, wife to an amazing husband (who is almost never in photos with us lol), an avid reader, Harry Potter/Star Wars/Dr.Who kinda girl, and I am a portrait artist.

I love freezing in time a moment that is real and beautiful. I want my work to inspire families to be reminded of how amazing this journey is everyday. I want to make women aware of their beauty and strength. 

I am blessed to call this my "job". I get to watch parents fall in love with precious tiny miracles. I get to show mamas their beauty and celebrate the miracle they are carrying.  I get to witness first smiles, first steps, silly toddlers, and wonderful families grow together. No words can fully describe what I get to do...it is priceless. 

What is priceless? I suppose that depends on your definition...

For me, it is the moment of love, wonder, or silliness that is captured for, not just my clients, but generations to treasure.

The expressions and unique styling that showcases who you are, right at that time. Portraits that will tell the story of your family in beautiful ways.

From the moment you have a confirmed pregnancy, through childhood, and finally... graduation, you and your children live in a never ending transition of amazing stages and memories. Ones that, even when you think you won't forget, can get a little dim as each new phase takes over. Those frozen snippets in time on your wall can often remind you every day of how truly blessed you are and have been. Those small memories will be beyond precious as years go by. Tiny button noses and sleepy smiles. Those are the memories worth preserving and passing on. Looking through photos of our ancestors always fills us with a feeling of connection and wonder, and your photos should do the same for your future generations. Even more importantly, as a mother I think it is crucial to #existinphotos for our children and with our children. One day they will be what our children have left of us, and I for one think we should leave behind piles of memories and smiles for them to look through.

Heirloom albums and prints made to last generations, those are the ways I get to preserve these precious times for you. I want to show you the beauty of your life as it is and I want to bring the luxury of fine art to your home as well. From museum quality prints, lay-flat, satin touch album pages, the leather bound folio boxes, and the memory of a wonderful experience you take home with you I strive to give you an experience worth treasuring.



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—Jessie & Ryan

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